Childrens Services

Children’s System of Care, located in the shopping center at 373 West St. Charles Street- Suite B, provides recovery-oriented services to children with severe emotional and behavioral problems, and their families. Services include individual, group and family therapy; crisis; comprehensive case management; individual recovery plans; outreach and prevention support; family education programs; and parent support groups. Staff members work collaboratively with schools and other agencies throughout Calaveras County to promote family unity and strengthen community support systems.

How can I make an appointment?
Phone 209-754-6525


Contact Information

24 Hour Crisis Response
Call: (209) 754-3239
Toll free: (800) 499-3030
Immediate emergencies 911

Physical Address
891 Mountain Ranch Road
San Andreas, California 95249

Phone: (209) 754-6525
Fax: (209) 754-6534

Clinic Hours
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday thru Friday